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Yoga Assists


$325 +GST

*Deposit : $150 (non-refundable)


~ Hands-on stretching enhancements from a Thai perspective

~ Acupressure techniques implemented during class flow, with specific asanas

~ Suggested format of intake, explaining the theory of this fusion and communicating with the group about feedback

~ Outcome measured by the ability to do 30 minutes of focused relaxation, and use select skills of Thai massage

~ Ways of expanding your business in creative new classes and in sessions with private students

~ Exploring safe variations for suggested asanas

12 hours

July 20th-21st, Friday 130-930pm & Saturday 530-930 at Inner Space Therapies Studio, Pemberton, BC

Nov 17th - 19th, 9-5pm at the Yoga Shack in Hazleton, BC

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