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TM Massage Practitioner Training

$3900 +GST  Please inquire about early bird savings!

*Deposit : $325 non-refundable deposit

The professional Thai Medicine Massage Practitioner Training program is a 200 hour certification in Lanna Northern Thai Medicine physical therapy. This comprehensive modality is derived from an ancient system of medical wisdom that is a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM). Learn an entirely new way of approaching treatment with Body Layers, Element Theory, Thai Buddhist Medicine and Ethics for the mind, Reusi self-care for the body and ceremony that honours the lineage.

2020 Training Dates: May 1 - June 2, in Pemberton, BC at Inner Space Therapies Studio

TM Advanced Therapeutics

$1800 +GST

*Deposit : $325 (non-refundable)

The Advanced Therapeutics training program is an 80 hour certification course in Thai Medicine massage. Expand your practice further into the treatment approach in Thai Medicine massage as a traditional medical physical therapy and apply protocols for common heath restrictions. Learn new techniques and more of the Reusi practice and practical elemental readings for assesment and treatment.

2020 Training Dates: November 2-13, in Pemberton, BC at Inner Space Therapies Studio

TM Fire Cupping

$595 +GST

includes cupping set *Deposit $150 (non-refundable)

Cupping therapy is the most popular new skill amongst manual therapists. Using this tool saves the practitioners hands while offering deep work and fascial release. Cupping therapy alleviates pain and symptoms of fever, pulmonary disorders and is detoxifying to the tissues.

2020 Training Dates: April 24-26, in Pemberton, BC at Inner Space Therapies Studio

TM Herbal Compress Massage

$495 +GST

*Deposit : $150 (non-refundable)

Adding Herbal Compress massage to your repertoire provides a practical way to use herbal medicine in conjunction with Thai massage or cupping treatments. This is also a great introductory course for any other course in the Sacredasia program / curriculum.

2020 Training Dates: October 16-18, in Pemberton, BC at Inner Space Therapies Studio

Yoga Assists

$325 +GST

*Deposit : $150 (non-refundable)

Thai Assists for Yoga adds massage to Yoga and movement. Instructors can faciliate hands-on manual enhancements to Yoga and self or assisted stretching practices. Anyone interested in Yoga therapy will love incorporating the Thai therapies approach.

2020 Training Dates: September 18-20, in Pemberton, BC at Inner Space Therapies Studio

Thai Massage for Two

$150 +GST

Thai for Two is essential relieving skills for common aches and pains for every partnership. Take this class with your sweetheart or a friend and learn to care for your loved ones.

2020 Training Dates: March 15, in Pemberton, BC at Inner Space Therapies Studio

Private Tutoring

$150 +GST

Get a Tutoring Session and brush up on your techniques or review missed class time. Practitioners already studied in Thai therapies may wish to receive tutorials for varied instructor exposure.

Available by individual appointment.

Therapeutic Sessions

$110/hour +GST

Experience Thai Therapies and other holistic modalities offered.

Available by appointment

Professional Development

$400 + GST

Eastern Philosophy of Healing Therapies in the Western Clinical Setting ~ For Manual & Movement Therapies ~ (CMTBC CONT ED CLASS)

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