In her early twenties, Kristin travelled to twenty countries and resided in Thailand for nearly three years. There she studied the Thai language and culture, as well as the traditional practices of Buddhism, meditation, massage, herbal medicine, and pre/post-natal care. She brought this ancient wisdom back to Canada and began her practice.


In 2002, Kristin began offering Thai massage workshops collaborating with Doctors of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) where speaking Thai assisted in her mentoring with TTM Doctors and being initiated into a rare lineage.  In 2007 she formed ‘Sacredasia School of Thai Therapies’, BC’s first Thai Massage School.


Kristin was a founding team member of four luxury spas in the world-famous resort of Whistler. Studying and certifying in Thai massage, Thai herbal medicine, fire cupping, sports massage, deep tissue, reflexology, reiki and craniosacral therapy amongst other modalities, Kristin has worked with several high-level athletes including travelling with a horse polo team to competitions in the US and Europe.


Today, Kristin is hosted all over BC at massage schools, spas and yoga studios. She teaches entry level courses, full certification courses and continuing education courses. She also collaborates with international Thai massage instructors to bring current teaching standards and curriculum fundamentals to represent theory based on traditional texts.


Kristin now lives in Pemberton, BC. She enjoys sailing expeditions, trail running with her dog Sage and horseback adventures with her horse Peyote. She practices out of her home studio called Inner Space Therapies, where one is invited to go inward through the tools of Kristin’s care.

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