Creating personal growth; new career paths and a greater sense of wellbeing

Since 2006, our mission at Sacredasia School of Thai Therapies is to inspire passion in students and clients for the lifestyle that supports this humble healing modality.


Thai Medicine massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indo-Tibetan Ayurvedic principles and assisted asana postures that stem from the ancient Thai Reusi (hermit-sage) tradition.


200 hours

24 hours

3 hours

80 hours

12 hours

30 minutes - 2 hours

24 hours

4 hours

15 hours

In addition to critically assessed theory and practice, we emphasize cleansing, meditation and the hermit practices of Ruesi Dat Ton.

Students will be trained as qualified practitioners and carry the spirit of these therapeutic traditions from the Northern Lanna Thai Medicine lineage forward with honour as it grows in the West.

Students of all kind are welcome, whether they are career-minded professionals or non-professionals as couples and clients who wish to know more about the practice and philosophies of Thai medical traditions and culture.

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